Need advice on new resurface mini pebble startup & chemicals


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Jul 5, 2019
Phoenix, Arizona
hi, finally getting my Sylvan pool resurfaced from old plaster to mini-pebble stonescapes aqua cool. We also had sea turtles added on the bottom and an umbrella stand/turtles on the deep end bench. They start filling pool on Thursday. What do I need to put in right off the bat? Do you have to brush mini-pebble like I would have had to do with new plaster? I have a Pentair cartridge filter fyi.
I just bought a Taylor K-2006 test kit that I have never used before. I also got a dedicated vac line installed so i can use my skimmer for its intended purpose.
My last pool ended up with algae because I didn't keep up with ph so I don't want that to happen again. I am going to be very attentive this time. Huge investment. Took me 12 yrs to save the money for this. Thx for any advice.