Need advice on Nautilus 48 DE filter grid replacement.


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Jul 29, 2008
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I have a Nautilus DE 48 (see label). I think it is fairly old. I am seeing lots of DE and dirt in the pool after backflushing and adding DE.

My Polaris filters are clogging with tree droppings in five or six hours.

I think that I need to replace the grids in my filter. Do I really need to take it apart and check before I order parts? Should I just replace the gasket in any case?

Any and all advice appreciated.


Is this what I need?



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May 20, 2020
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A telltale sign of a hole in a filter grid is seeing DE flow into your pool. So it may be 1 or several grids (item #11). The other high risk area is a crack in the manifold (item #7) where all the grids connect to on the top. There is an outside chance it could also be the oring that seals the manifold to standpipe (item #12). It is always good to change the main body seal (item #14) but if there is no leak then you may just be able to lube it up and it be OK. So the main risk is guessing if the issue in the grid or in the manifold. Sometimes you can just purchase 1 or 2 grids but I see they sell the whole set so not sure if it is feasible. If you are having issues with clogging quickly then having a new set of grids makes sense regardless. And if you determine or find a crack in the manifold then you can deal with that later but having new grids will always be a benefit. IMO.
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