Need Advice on leak at steps- Vinyl liner


Aug 12, 2012
I have a 1 yr old vinyl liner pool that seems to lose around 1/8"/day over the bucket test. (above evap). I finally had a tech come out with the electronic detector as I could not find it with dye etc.
The bottom corners of my steps are the problem. I question the guy I had install the liner, but that's another story. He missed the holes and made some new ones when installing the sealing strips. I assume anything that gets around the strips is going throught the original screw holes.

Am I better off to lower the water level and caulk the strips or is there a better method? I have use Marine Tex at the corners already, but do not think I got it all stopped.

Can I use the stop leak liquid in a small amount pushed into the seams with a squeeze bottle? I really hate to lower the water, but want to get this fixed before I put the cover on.


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Sep 26, 2013
Auburn, Alabama
If it were my pool or my customer's pool, I would get in the pool (full) with a dive mask and a syringe full of red food coloring, dye test the inner corners of the step seal.

Be sparing with the dye, less is more. A leak that's only 1/8 per day above evap will be tough to spot.

Once the leak is pinpointed use Atlas brand (not affiliated just the best stuff) pool epoxy.

Mix equal parts above the water with your hands as dry as possible, apply under water.