Need advice on installing metal frame Intex pool on a not level concrete patio.


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Jun 22, 2021
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Our entire backyard is a concrete patio. The slope goes all over the place in many directions. We are considering getting an Intex 10' or 12' metal frame pool, but I dont know how I would get it level. After doing some research I found that people either make wooden frames and fill it with dirt, or use shingles. I am curious about the shingle idea, but I couldn't find much information out there on it. Is the idea that you just layer roofing shingles up until you get a level surface and then put a ground cover on top of it? I wish I could find picture of the process of final result.

My new plan is to get some 4x8 sheets of insulation foam at Home Depot. You cant get XPS foam anymore, but this do sell EPS foam...hopefully its comparable as far as a pool base in concerned. For a 12' round pool I would need 6 pieces of foam taped together. I could then use 1/2" foam board on bottom of that to shim it level. Does this sound reasonable for a 12' x 30" deep round pool?
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Welcome to TFP! :wave: I think you have a good concept with the insulation boards. Under support legs you might still need to shim a little, but just about anything should work for that (plywood, wood shims, etc). Just depends on how much adjusting is required. But post back as much as you need to with questions and I'm sure others will respond as well. Have a great day. :swim:
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