Need advice on above 24' above ground on a slope.


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Jun 29, 2020
Waymart, PA. 18472
We have been working on our pool for a while. It was approximately 18" out of level on a slope. I put in a small retaining wall and decided to split the difference ( fill one end and excavate the other. ) we ran into a lot of large rocks on the end we excavated and are planning to fill with about 8"10" if crusher run to bring back to level, compacting as we go. The low end was filled in last year and we tried to compact as best we could. At this point I feel a little over my head with the thought of putting 50 tons of water on the area.

Any advice is welcome!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: As you may already know from other similar threads here on the forum, building "up" an area to support a pool comes with a bit of risk since the pool's water weight can still push down on what appears to be the best compacted soil. It's something we just can't predict. At least the low side was filled last year which should've given it a decent time period to settle. But again, we never know. You probably won't know how successful all the compaction efforts were until the water goes in. Even then, it may take a few weeks of water weight pressure and some local rains to see how well everything holds-up. Definitely use large paver stones to help disperse the weight of the vertical support posts/legs. That may help.


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May 26, 2020
We rented a compactor that really saved us a ton of time and you would be surprised how much virgin ground would compact.