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Jan 17, 2012
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As I've read posts recently needing to order a test kit and fix a green pool one thing struck me when folks said they were waiting up to 10 days or so for delivery of the kit- I want my kit *now* and get impatient.

There are two test kits we as volunteers use & endorse. The TF-100 and the Taylor 2006C. Both use Taylor reagents and are sized pretty evenly against each other. The most important element of both these kits is the FAS-DPD test for FC and CC at high levels. To fix a green pool you *need* this test the most!

The TF-100 is made by a small mom and pop company that saw the TFP method and put the test kit together based on how much reagents are needed and what is not needed, and ships out of North Carolina...usually this is the very fastest delivered kit, mailed out usually no later than the next day from what my orders have shown in the past.

The Taylor K-2006C is usually bought online from various vendors, but is a bit more costly from what I've seen. Its important to note that its the *C* version of this kit is most comparable to the TF-100. Other versions are cheaper but come with much smaller bottles of reagents. We can't tell you where to find this online as various vendors have it. Don't mistake the K-2005 for this- it is not the correct kit and is missing the FAS-DPD tester. Be cautious of vendors selling outdated reagents!

Hopefully a helpful tip for newbies :)

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Jun 3, 2019
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Ordered a tf 100 refill kit and a regular wall brush From the link on here . Was to my door within a week and on top of that she sent a wall whale instead of the regular brush. I’d recommend them to anyone