Need a new spa cover


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May 23, 2009
Trenton NJ
I have a hot tub we bought about 15 yrs ago but the past 5 yrs we haven’t used it mainly because the cover is shoot and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately we didn’t care for the cover over the years and it shows. Got busy with work over the years but now that I retired I have more time on my hands and like to get the hot tub going again.

Anyway the manufacturer of the hot tub is no longer in business so I need to do some research to find a new cover. So where can I get the best price? Online, I have a few pool/spa stores nearby but I think they would charge a lot more.

Any thoughts? Thanks


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Oct 20, 2017
Southern WI
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I got a cover from BeyondNice last year. About $600 for all the bells and whistles. Steam stopper, thickest insulation, etc.



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Jul 31, 2021
San Diego
i don’t know about your area but here locally there are a few company’s that re upholster the covers as long as the foam is good.
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