Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years


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May 22, 2011
After many, many, summers of faithful service, our Jacuzzi Dial Valve Sand Filter has packed it in with a large crack on the bottom of the fibreglass tank. (Pressure of the first vacuuming was just too much for the Old Girl.:(. ) We live in a small-ish community, there are roughly 3 serious pool stores who could order my equipment, but I've largely found them to be less helpful and more expensive than Farm Husband and Myself. We can do plumbing, electrical, and concrete work on our ownsome most of the time. I've attached photos of the filter and pump.

Our in-ground, gunnite, 20 x 40 has been largely Trouble Free for lo, these many years, but I have to confess I have not given any serious research to what the best equipment would be for our situation. Wondering if you folks can tell me how big of a filter I should be replacing with, and where the best on-line, reliable source of equipment might be. We can ship to a US address, pay the taxes at the border, and likely still save money.

To consider:

We live in southern British Columbia and run the pool May-October only.
We pump the pool completely dry each spring, patch any plaster, and refill with fresh water.
System runs 24/7 during the summer months.
Pump and equipment are below grade, in our basement where they are not exposed to the elements (explains longevity of our set-up!)
Natural carbonates in the water are high and we have little to no pH issues. Keeping TA within normal parameters with baking soda=no issues.
Tannins and lake silt in our initial start-up are significant. It takes a week for the silt to settle to the bottom, we vacuum, then all is good.
My pool weirs (2) have warped over time--doors would close tight-- and I have removed/blocked the floating doors to allow unrestricted flow to the filter.

I love the sand filter in our situation due to it's ease of use and it's 90% clarity. However, I wouldn't complain if we could improve filtration a wee bit and get that 10% more clarity that would make it....perfect. Willing to consider different media in the filter, or a post-sand-filter cartridge filter---if there is such a thing??? as we figure out how to make a good fix.

Thanks in advance for your help over the years and your expertise.


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May 22, 2011
Thanks--I did know, but have been reluctant to add it since my backwash goes into the area of the yard where kids/cats/dogs frequently play. I'm comfortable with using DE but I'd be happier if it washed out elsewhere.

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Thanks MarianParoo I will browse their site! I think we bought a solar cover from them a few years back.....


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Jan 17, 2012
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Can you extend your backwash hose/pipe out to an area less busy? The DE would be ideal for you, I think. It doesn't take much so if you have any friends with a DE filter perhaps you could bum some off them to try?


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Jul 3, 2013
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As you know sand filters are easy ? if your looking to replace it a tr100 would work great for you, if you want something that will filter better a cartridge filter is better and will use no backwash so you save water, a pentair clean and clear 420 or 520 would also work great for you... Bigger is better with a filter.. ?

I am using my phone so please excuse any spelling errors and short response. :)


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May 22, 2011
I'd love to move the backwash drain....we re-plumbed the entire pool several years back but opted to leave it where it is....for now. I can only presume upon my hardworking farm boys so much, so I didn't wanna press my luck. The pool is a utilitarian thing for our family, so not a lot of inspiration to add to our work load, bummer.

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Thanks cowboycasey....I'm looking at the Pentair Sand Dollar series right now and checking the specs between the SD70 and SD80 to see what would fit vis a vis the cost.

I think I have to say no cartridge for us because our supply water comes straight from mountain lakes and it has quite a bit of turbidity too it---just too much silt and I think have a huge cost increase. Wouldn't mind if I could send it through a cartridge AFTER my sand filter, but that's kind of redundant/silly.


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May 22, 2011
I am considering the Hayward S244T filter that you have, or it's big brother the S310T2. Are you happy with your filter? Currently using a 1 HP Jacuzzi pump, which will probably give way when we've got the new filter running smoothly......DOH! We have an extremely simple set-up: two skimmers from the top of the pool, no floor drain, and 3 returns. So we don't need a complex dial valve, basically just filter, and backwash. We winterize by opening drainouts under the skimmers and dropping water level below that. More important that cost is whether or not it will fit, and the bribe required to get my sons to cart down an extra 200# of sand.

Was lucky that it gave way during the first vacuum/backwash of the season, so I only had a Shop-Vac's volume of water. Also we had the foresight to put valves on both the returns and the input lines back when we re-plumbed the system. Otherwise I would have had the top 6" of a 20 x 40 pool in my basement....:paddle: It's both good and bad to have it below grade, but our house is "heritage" = no floor drains. The water main and the hot water tank are both down there too: wonder if I should have some sort of floor alarm for just such occasions?


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May 10, 2009
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I've had my S244T for at least 10 years (probably more like 15-19 years), and I run my pool from March/April through Oct/Nov. The only issue I've had with it is the bottom drain breaking / or tightening too much (the black cap - not the fitting on the tank) - probably self inflicted :) In any event - yes I would recommend that sand filter - and it's 300 pounds, not just 200 .

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May 22, 2011
Good to know! There is a Cdn version of both filters out of Ontario, will cost us a bit less once we include travel expense. Probably gives us better warranty coverage, so that's likely what we will do.

The larger filter requires us to increase the size of the current concrete pad and it's about $200 more, so we have to decide whether or not it's worth it to size up. It holds 200# MORE sand than the S-244T--hence more schlepping for my kids! Bigger is better, but the question is, how much better? From the responses here, I could move the backwash drain and use DE in the filter and likely improve performance just as much...

Thanks for the tip about the bottom drain, we will be careful not to manhandle our new baby.
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