Need a new pool - what brand to look at???

Aug 15, 2007
My local pool store sells Sharkline, Lomart and Outback. Any opinions? Any other brands I should be looking at?


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Jul 13, 2007
Lebanon, TN
My husband and I, too, have been looking at above ground pools. We have found the sharkline are a little better quality than the others you mentioned, but it really depends on what you want (steel, aluminum, resin, etc...)
We have found that we like the Artesian, Jerry Weismuller, and Vogue pools (sold by Watsons, and Pool and Spa Depot, respectively). Of course, it is personal opinion and we don't even have our pool yet, so we are also still shopping. I would suggest finding the manufacturers' websites and seeing what features each pool and model have, then go from there. Just my 2 cents! :wink: