Need a new (durable) pool cleaner


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Jun 2, 2008
Hello !

A bit disappointed here on Father's Day - put my Blue Diamond in the pool this morning before family arrives for the day :party: and while the motor worked it would just sit in one place. There are two motors for the wheel belts, one for each side, and one of them had a crack in the cap. I presume this is supposed to be sealed against water so the motor likely will need replacing. :blah:

I feel like I've made a big mistake with this Blue Diamond. I got it used off of ebay about 4 years ago for $700. It worked great for a couple years and then the main motor burned out. I sent it out for repair ($300). Last year I had to buy a new filter bag for it ($60). At this point I don't think putting at least another couple hundred into this thing (and waiting a few weeks for it be repaired and sent back) is worth it.

So I'm in the market for another cleaner but first and foremost I really want to avoid another piece of junk. I need a robotic cleaner with it's own bag, as I don't have a dedicated cleaning line. I want something that will be of high quality but would like to keep it around $1000. I took a quick look at the Verro robots and the Polaris 9300 but really would like some opinions from the great community here on these. I really appreciate any input, thanks !


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