Need a new cover for next year - suggestions?


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Apr 12, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
First time replacing the cover on a pool we inherited from buying the house... it's a solid safety cover. Dark green and super heavy. Over the winter a deer jumped on it and tore a giant hole in it. The deer fell in the pool and we had to call fire and police to get it out... it was quite the ordeal. The cover was on its last leg anyway with multiple patches and signs of needing replacement so I'm not super angry about it. I am most worried about what the deer's hooves may have done to my gunite floor. Anyways, I am wondering what recommendations people have for both repacing it with another solid safety cover or with a mesh one.

For the solid...
  • I've seen some where you send the cover in to them and some where you do measurements... any recommendations on that front?
  • Anything to look for in the replacement? Material type, features, etc?
For the mesh...

Currently I have an automatic pump that sits on my solid cover. The pump's weep hole gets clogged 1-3 times a winter from pine needles and it's a real pain to fix when it's 40 degrees and usually raining when I discover the problem. Also, there's no great single place for the pump so I usually have to use a second pump too which I run manually (could buy a second automatic, just haven't wanted to).
  • Is the pump situation on a mesh cover better? Do you just have to pump the water out of the pool itself?
  • With the sun getting through the cover to the water, are there any other considerations for prepping on closing or maintenance through the winter?
  • Any other pros and cons?
For both...
  • Recommendations for company to use?
  • Best time to buy? Now or wait towards end of season?


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Jul 3, 2013
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There should be a model and serial number on your cover now.. All you have to do is contact them and give them your serial number and you can order the same exact model or a mesh in the same...

They are not cheap but may be worth it for safety... The mesh will also let sun through, some of the new ones say it blocks the sun but still lets water through.. :)


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Jul 16, 2012
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I’m on year 8 of opening to a clear pool with a mesh cover. I can’t see why I would get a solid cover and have it be twice as heavy to install, remove and store. I use a hand truck as it is to pull it up the hill.

I do close late and open early, draining down the pool once or twice during the winter so the water doesn’t freeze on the tile. Also so the water does not have cover contact in the spring where the surface water gets really warm even in April causing algae. I close the first week of Nov and open very early April usually. Mine is Merlin Smartmesh which I’ve bee very satisfied with. At some point sunlight will cause it’s demise (or a deer), but at this point it still looks and feels quite good. No doubt I’ll replace with the same.
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May 8, 2020
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This was my first year but, I have a mesh cover, it worked great, I put a couple of 12” beach balls ( one shallow end other deep end) all the water, melting snow ran right off. Pool exceeded my expectations regarding small amount of leaves, (have a ton of these in the yard) and dirt in the pool at open, one 15 min vacuum and it was clean.


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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
I used a mesh Loop-Loc cover for 13 years. It worked great. I didn't have to worry about pumping rainwater since my pool has an overflow tube on it. Each spring there was a fine dust on the bottom of the pool from dirt and pollen going through the cover. The water stayed clear. This past winter I used a solid Loop-Loc cover. The reason I switched is that my daughter brought her two dogs over when visiting. With the mesh cover, they could play in the water that seeped up through the cover. The solid cover removed that temptation.
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