Need a little help CL not staying in

I have a 18x34 doughboy AG vinyl liner with a deep middle. About 16,000 gallons.

I started the season and got the CL to stay and added the CYA by the pantyhose method and everything was perfect. Test results were great and I added a gallon of bleach every night. I went out of town last weekend and we had a ton of rain and I came back to a green pool. No CL and high pH. So I vacummed to waste like crazy and scrubbed the walls. Cleaned the filters and then kept the CL up to 15 for 3days. The water looks pretty clear now but it's a bit cloudy and I can't get the CL to hold over night. I added 4 gallons last night and 1 this AM and now I just tested at 7PM and here's what I got.

FC - 0 ppm
TC - 0 ppm
CC - 0 ppm
PH - 8.0
Alk - 150
CYA - 0

Can someone help me get this stablized step by step?

I am ready to through bleach in for the night and I want to make sure thats the right thing to do. The dirt devil d1000 is at work vacumming right now so do I need to backwash and then add CL? If it holds then can I add some more CYA tommorow AM? I'm worried about the pH and the Alk going higher.

HELP I'm confused.



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Apr 24, 2007
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What was you cya before? Now that it is down to 0? again, you will have to add stabalizer, enough to get you to at least 30. You ph is too high, take it down to 7.2, it will help your chlorine work better. You can take it down with ph reducer or muriatic acid. You will have to keep taking you pool up to shock by testing 3x a day. You are still fighting something that's why your chlorine is not holding overnight. Sometimes the cc doesn't show up, so the fact that the chlorine is not holding overnight means you have to keep shocking. You will lose any chlorine you have on a sunny day if you don't have any cya in your water. I suggest if you have a DE or Sand filter you can put a trichlor puck in the skimmer, or if you have floater you can put them in there, this way if you don't really have any cya in the water, the pucks themselves are stabalized and will keep some chlorine in the water at all times. Do not put a puck in the skimmer if you have a cartridge filter. Ask any other questions you have, I know it is really disappointing to come home to a green pool, after working to get it balanced :cry: : With a little patience and work, it will be there again in no time :) Just be very consistant with the chlorine 8)
May 21, 2007
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OK just ran a full test at 7AM
FC - 15 ppm
TC - 0 ppm
CC - 0 ppm
PH - 7.4
Alk - 120
CYA - 0
I know if takes time for the CYA to show up so I will keep testing. I'm so glad the Alk cam down and the pH. It was kinda scary adding the muriatic acid last night. It was smoking.

Thanks for everyones help. Any thing else that I need to do to now?? Water is still a little cloudy?


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May 7, 2007
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Just keep the chlorine up. Until you have a real CYA level this may be difficult during the day. The filter will probably take a few days to clear the last of the cloudiness.