Need a heavy duty way to keep the straps fastened onto my solar cover


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Jul 20, 2014
Northern Cincinnati, OH
I have a ~20x40 kidney shaped pool and a heavy duty hurricane solar cover reel. The reel works great, but need a heavy duty way to attach the straps to the cover. I continually have problems with them pulling off. I/ We manually pull the first 1/3 of the cover up to the reel and then crank it in to reduce stress on the strap mounting points. I have tried various glues and non seem to hold all that well due to the contour of the bubbles in the cover itself. If I had to guess, most of the time the straps come loose during reinstalling/unrolling the cover. Looking for a better long term solution. The cover and reel works great when they stay attached and we keep the pool covered at all times when not in use except for the dog days of summer here in Ohio! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!