Need a clear chart for bbb


May 29, 2019
Middletown nj
I keep finding tons of information but i cant seem to find an easy to follow chart on the bbb method of maintaining the pool. Ive read about it, the background, the logic, the science of pool water but i haven’t come across a simple layout to plug in your numbers and determine what is needed to add and how much of it to get to the desired reading. Thank you


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Just an FYI- we don't use the term "BBB" anymore... some folks mistakenly thought they had to buy-
Baking Soda..... and many never needed all that.

When in actuality, we only want you to buy that which YOUR pool ACTUALLY needs. Nothing else. :)

We're all about the Trouble Free Pool Care method now :goodjob:

<PSA over>

Maddie :flower: