Need a brass sleeve nut for my hayward pool filter strap!


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Oct 13, 2010
I have a hayward pool filter and the brass sleeve nut has stripped out and threads are falling off it, and it won't tighten on the black metal strap that goes around the filter housing. When I contacted my local pool supply store for a new brass nut they told me Hayward no longer allows them to sell that part and they want me to buy a whole new strap for $225. The only thing that needs replaced is the long brass nut. Can anyone tell me where I can find that part? Could I just take the strap into a hardware store and buy a new nut for it? Or do I need to go to a specialty store like a plumbing store? Please help - I can't filter my pool water until I get this fixed. Thanks!!


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Jun 13, 2010
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Here's the Hayward pump parts page, see if you can find your pump model and get the part from another supplier.

I would be tempted to take it into a hardware store and see if they can't get you something similar even if it isn't brass just to get you operational, you can always install the proper part when you get it. I don't see why a stainless steel one wouldn't be more serviceable and less likely to strip out, a little anti seize will prevent corrosion on the threads.

Up here in Canada they sell sleeve nuts at Rona or Acklands but they are commonly Aluminum for furniture etc. I would look around where you are and see if you can't McGyver something up for the time being.

If all else fails McMaster Carr will have what you need.


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Oct 4, 2010
What is the type and model number of the Hayward filter?
Look for a label on the side of the bottom half of the filter for this information.

How old is your filter?
Other than the pressure gauge, have you replaced any other parts on this filter?

The good news is there is a spring/washer/ brass sleeve nut assembly available for several of the Hayward filters that were classified obsolete in 2009 with prices ranging from $20 to $50.

In some cases it might be better to spend the extra money now to correctly repair your filter so you can enjoy your trouble free pool for many more trouble free years.
As an example, for the Hayward Pro-Grid DE filters, the new improved retrofit complete clamp/spring assembly kit also includes a better seal in place of the o-ring and better hardware. The upgrade kit is available from many on-line suppliers for under $200.


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Oct 13, 2010
I brought the strap, nut, screw and spring assembly to a store where all they have is "fasteners". They found a long nut for me to use and didn't charge me for it. It fit and it work but I need a nut with a long sleeve on it if I want to use the spring assembly. For now it will work and i can use my filter.

I also got on the Internet and found the brass nut sold alone for $9 so I ordered it. It took some searching before I found just the nut alone.

I have always cleaned my pool filters once a month - now maybe I'll not do it as often anymore. I didn't realize a brass nut would fall apart with use.

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