Need a bit of help understanding this setup


Oct 9, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
New-to-me pool owner here, wrapping my head around the equipment system. I have one skimmer, and the pool cleaner is attached inside. There also another while there, but I don’t feel a lot of suction. (See pic)

I’ve found two return jets in the pool (seem to be working fine) and two other holes in the wall, but can’t feel any suction there.

Can you help me understand how water is getting to my pump and back through the return jets? Is it only the water coming through the cleaner?

thanks for your patience with me!!


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
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Yes water is being pulled through the cleaner hose as it is attached to your skimmer suction port. Most or all suction is diverted away from your surface skimmer to run your cleaner. Do you have a bottom drain?
Do a search for a pool robot to free up your skimmer.
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