Neat PVC Ideas?


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Apr 23, 2013
Destin, Fl
Does anybody have any cool PVC ideas? Like for towel racks, furniture, games... It's pretty cheap and fun to play with. I saw some plans for a neat towel rack online, but they wanted $25. I could figure it out myself for that price!


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May 19, 2010
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I am pretty sure there are entire websites and forums devoted to just that ... I have seen them before, but would have to search for them ... which you are surely capable of doing ;)


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
You can also do a google search at the bottom left of this page for any project you may be considering, such as a pool cooler, toy rack, whatever. Just search pvc towel rack (for example) and see what pops up! I do know there are a few diy pvc projects folks have posted in the past.


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Apr 2, 2012
Columbia SC
This thread inspired me to just google PVC ideas. I'm seeing PVC lounge chairs in my future. Since our pool build in 2011 we've never found patio furniture we wanted to buy (many admired but not feeling like it was in the budget). I happen to have about 20 10ft lengths of 3/4" PVC with lots of connectors. Towel rack is probably first but I'm seeing patio furniture in the near future.........saw a very impressive chicken coop out of PVC as well!! Who woulda thunk?

Somebody else said here on another thread "PVC is like tinker toys for adults" and it truly is. One little google search and I'm inspires :):)


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
I made this towel rack

I salvaged the irrigation PVC when we built our pool and put it to some good use. We can't live without this . Don't need to spend any money for plans....:cheers: :cheers: :party: :whoot:


Jul 27, 2013
Brentr......great idea and thank you for the pics...people like me need pics..I have no imagination what so ever!!!


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Jul 6, 2013
How about some closeup pictures of the chairs? They look like they are made of pvc pipe and fittings too!

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May 3, 2007
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Here is a towel rack I made:

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