Neat idea, I think...

Greg 2

Jun 30, 2019
Western Kentucky
I was talking to a fellow pool owner the other day, and he told me he installed a fitting on the output side of his filter-the line going to the eyes, and placed a plant watering wand in it, pointed at the middle of the pool. He said the kids have fun with the shower, mist, etc settings while playing in the pool. When all is done, and things wind down for the night, he turns it on stream, shooting a solid stream of water onto the center of his pool. If the stream fails to spray in the center of the pool, it indicates low pressure out of the filter.
This seems like a useful modification, but I wonder if the additional agitation and aeration of the water is a benefit, or cause unnecessary loss of chemicals. I know you would need to know where it lands in the water when the filter is clean, and when it needs backwashed/changed as per the psi gauge.

What does the collective wisdom here think of this idea?


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TFP Guide
Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
Seems like a lot of effort to avoid looking at the gauge. Using this as a water feature is fine but it will tend to increase pH. It also introduces a potential leak point.