Nautyl 50,000 BTU Heat Pump? Similar to Hayward HP50B horizontal model


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May 12, 2014
Aylmer, Quebec
I'm looking to get a 50,000 BTU heat pump for my 10,000 AGP to boost the summer water temps a few degrees and came across one from Nautyl, sold at for $1,500CA. I can't find much on it except the parts listed in the manual are almost all identical to a more expensive Hayward model (HP50B) and Fairland version sold elsewhere, which has me thinking they are all made in the same factory with a different box and label thrown on. I'm thinking of going Costco because of the generous return policy just in case it doesn't work as well as hoped. Anyone have any experience with either the Nautyl or this particular Hayward model?

Thanks in advance, and I am grateful I stumbled across this website. Great insight for pool care!


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May 31, 2013
Toronto, Canada
I use a virtually identical one from HVAC Concepts. It appears to be identical to the Hayward HP50B. Am really pleased with it. I also have a solar panel system which predates the heat pump and was upgraded from Enersol to a plastic based model this year (2016). The jury is still out on whether the solar+heat pump was worth it. The negative is that it forced me to use my two speed 1HP pump at high speed which partially negates the benefits of solar and the water pump noise is annoying. At low speed the pool works great with just the heat pump (no solar) and the water pump is silent. The heat pump is actually not loud ( in fact similar to the water pump at high speed) and this summer I have maintained a water temp of 84 from May through September at a very reasonable cost. Being in Quebec you will pay even less. Did you finally go for the Nautyl?