natural swimming ponds


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Jun 19, 2010
Hi, I just logged on reading ur posts about a Texas man building a semi-natural swimming pond in his Texas backyard. Hopefully I can find him again, but I'm on a phone and bad with all the tiny buttons... ive been thinking of a pool for my Texas backyard, and only just realised that there are maintainable ponds for swimming, but it sounds like a dream. It gets so hot here in Texaas that the threat of mosquito larvae is very real, as is stagnation. Does anyone know if a clay-based, bio-frindly swimming pond is possible? Some websites also suggest a well, but this would be right here behind the house with plenty city water, and my husband used to build waterfalls, so maybe a half-natural, half pumped in with a filter? I can't even conceive not using a filter. Not sure how the whole natural pond thing works, or if its had success in the South. My pool right now is basically a very refreshing 18 ft. Diameter Glad Trash Bag, which for the price I have to say has kept on ticking for years, but ready 4 an upgrade

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Jun 22, 2009
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Stagnant ponds that are not sanitized are not safe for swimming. A swimming pond would have to have a continuous flow of water through the pond or it would quickly get unsafe. It would be highly unpractical to use public water to provide enough flow for a pond.