Mystery Roots in my Pool Fill Float Reservoir


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Sep 1, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
I have been battling these mystery roots in my filler reservoir, they come into the reservoir from between the pool deck and the top of the reservoir. Every couple weeks I was pulling them out, a couple years ago I gave up and capped off the filler reservoir.

I have this same problem with any potted plants on that side of my yard, the pots will become totally engulfed with these mystery roots. When we first moved in I tried composting, and because of the water in the compost I ended up with a 4 ft. cube of the roots and no compost.

Anybody else in Arizona encounter these roots?

What can I do to keep them out of the pool fill reservoir for good.



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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
What kind of trees are within 20 feet or so of that area?

I have a lemon bottlebrush tree near where my drain line terminates in the front yard. If there is water sitting in the pipe, tiny tree roots like that grow into the line. I usually pour a little chlorine around the outlet to curtail their continued growth and then remove the roots several days later.


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Sep 1, 2019
Phoenix, AZ

I too did the chlorine thing, also just pulling them out. Seems like every couple years I let it get away from me and then accidentally break the float valve. I am looking for a long term fix, maybe some kind of lining or something for reservoir, or some sealant between the pool deck and the top of the reservoir. Any ideas.

All of these are on the other side of a cinder block wall on my neighbors property.

The only two that were originally here when the problem started 14 years ago:
25 yards - Oleander
20 yards - Mesquite

The following showed up 4 - 10 years ago after the problem existed:
15 yards - Small Acacia
9 yards - Oleander
19 yards - 2 Acacia

I wish there was something I could spray the roots with that would kill the plant, but I am leery of residue that might get into the pool. Perfectly fine with killing one of the neighbors trees / bushes if that is the source. Just would need to be something I can do entirely from my side of the wall. Would be nice to eliminate some of the debris I have to clean out of the pool every time the wind kicks up.