Mystery holes


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Aug 7, 2010
Lake Jackson, TX
I was inspecting the pool today to see if I had made any progress fighting a case of BA, I hadn't :(
I also noticed a significant calcium scaling problem.

The mystery, though, is I hound a series of holes in the deepest part around the drain in the plaster. If thie pool was wooden I would say they are worm holes. They appear to be fairly round and about 3/16 diameter going into the plaster a little ways, not sure how deep. I'll try and get pictures if I can get a hold of an underwater camera. I'm pretty sure these holes weren't there a few weeks ago.

Any ideas what is causing this?

Also, I'm seriously considering a full drain and acid wash in the Fall. Can anyone point me to info on how to do an acid wash (calcium scaling and BA?), patch plaster or the resurface process, and I need to kill the BA off.


FC 10 ( I've been trying to keep it between 7-12)
CC 0
CYA 85
TA 180
CH 410
pH 7.2 usually kept around 7.6 but lowered to fight above problems
Temp 90+


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May 20, 2007
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Call in a pro.

The holes need to be filled.

The BA should be brushed and hit hard with shock level chlorine for an extended period and a S/S brush to knock it's chlorine resistant heads off. It has roots that need to be exposed to the chlorine.

You don't want to acid wash. That will take years off the plaster's life. If you do it anyway, have it done by an experienced pro. This is not a DIY job, IMO.