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Mar 2, 2011
OTO doesn't normally bleach out unless the bromine or chlorine level is super high.

Get a water sample and dilute it by adding an equal amount of distilled water. Mix well and then test the sample.


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Ok, i think this is a classic newbie move.
While i did own and maintain a spa for many years, i think i forgot to wait long enough after adding the shock.
Now it tests fine.
How long should I wait, with the pump circulating (not on low), for the chemical to mix in and be ready for testing?

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Nov 3, 2015
appleton wisconsin
Well if the chlorine is in a solid form, it can take a while to mix in. Liquid chlorine mixes right in. I usually wait about a minute with pumps on to test again when I have a bottle with a different date on it.

For the record, trouble free pool methods call for powder and drop to test chlorine levels. The yellow test block that only goes up to 5 FC is a waste of your time/effort.

I bought this kit not long ago:
FAS/DPD Chlorine CC's test

Has what you need.
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