My water is greenish....


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Jul 23, 2010
Northern Indiana
I am also new to owning a pool. My water is greenish and I did add about a foot of water from my well water. Here are my numbers from a test strip if you all could help?
ph - 6.8ish
fc - 10+
Alk - 100
stab - 30-50


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May 30, 2007
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Welcome to the forum :wave:

First, you shoud recheck the pH and if it still tests low, use borax to raise it to 7.2 to 7.5 ish.

Since the strips are notoriously inaccurate, I'll ask you to take a water sample to your local pool store to have it tested.
Then report results back here.

Also, take a sample of your well water and ask them to test for metals.

You don't need to buy anything from them on this trip.....

If you haven't already, you should start reading Pool School - button, top right.

Tell us more about your pool - size (gallons), equipment, etc.

We'll help you get your pool all sparkly and clean :-D


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Jul 23, 2010
Northern Indiana
Here is some info:
Pool is oval 33' x 15', 8 foot on deep end, 3 foot on shallow end
Pentair Sand Filter & MiniMax NT Heater
Century Centurion pump
PB4 Booster Pump
Hayward Chlorine Feeder
I'll head to the pool place for both of those tests.
Thanks for the help,


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Jul 23, 2010
Northern Indiana
fc - over 4ppm - theirs doesnt go higher
tc - same
ph - 7.7
hardness - 220 ppm
alkanlinity - 130 ppm
cya - 35 ppm
copper and iron didn't read in machine, but could be seen in water test