My SWG requires 6000 PPM


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Sep 13, 2010
Lesotho, Africa
Hello, I live in Southern Africa and the SWG I am thinking of buying a justchlor brand made in South Africa requires 6000 PPM. From my limited reading all of the other generators require much less salt than this. Is there anything I should be concerned about when running 6000 PPM?


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Jul 24, 2007
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majority of Australian models also use 4500-6000 ppm

nothing specific to 6000pm is required, just general recommendations with SWG

any metal parts exposed to water need to be made of high grade stainless steel and if your pool surrounds are made of natural stone - it's better to get it sealed.


I don't believe that Pentair will warrant a cell that is in 6,000 ppm salt, so you might want to double check. Like Strannik said, make sure all of your other metallic items (light rings, railings, etc.) and pool equipment will be able to handle the higher salt. Some manufacturers will void warranties in conditions like this.
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