My Stenner Pump Died


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May 11, 2014
Franklin, NC
Well, I installed it in July of 2014 and over the winter the motor started getting noisy.

Well, this morning it was dead. If you listen carefully there is a humm when you turn it on but nothing else.

As the Stenner pumps are modular, a slight twist separates the pump from the motor. Searching the web found almost everyone selling them for around $200 (most + shipping) and I was left with the impression that they all just placed an order with Stenner and took a cut of the action.

I went with Inyo Pools who are active here on the boards. They als said they would order direct from Stenner, but quickly contacted me to let me know they actually had one in their Tampa warehouse. it would ship out today and arrive Thursday. You can't beat that for service.