My small piece of paradise... in the works.


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Mar 4, 2018
Prosper, TX
Hey all, just wanted to share my pool and thank the community once again for helping me to take control of my own chemistry!

I had to stand up on my backyard fence to get these, lol. You'll see that I've surrounded my pool with colorado river rock. It's a bit bland for now, but I vowed to have no grass what-so-ever in my back yard. Over time, I'm going to try and have a pergola built over the seating area. And, as for the rocks, I was thinking of raised planters evenly spaced within the rocks for plants or a garden. Something like

Oh yeah, pay no mind to the large buckets of Leslie's pool chemicals. Ever since I've taken control of my own chemistry, I've been trying to get rid of / sell those. I'll keep the tabs, they can be useful later.

Thanks for looking!

Pic 1:

Pic 2: