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Apr 20, 2008
OK I have been trying the BBB method for the past month and I cant seem to get my PH balanced or my chlorine to stay. It looks like my CYA may be the culprit and I have started a water change and am changing my sand out and going with zeo brite.

FAC- trace amounts
TAC -1.0
PH 7.2
TA -40
CYA- 120
TDS 950
Phosphates trace.

Already have the water drained down and the sand changed. I am now cleaning the old silcone caulk from around my inlets and skimmer and recaulking with silicone. When I started scraping the old shrunken caulk away from around the inlets I found green algae. same for the skimmer basket, so I took a spray bottle of straight 6% bleach and sprayed till it ran clear.

My pool is a modified grecian style fiberglass and the caulking was original and 6 yrs old si I guess this maintenance task was due.


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May 7, 2007
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I addition to reducing CYA you should also increase your TA with baking soda. You should bring TA up to 80 or 90.


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Apr 20, 2008
Thanks for the advice. I have made the trip to Walmart and have the 4 lb Arm and hammer boxes and 20 mule borax, sitting on the sidelines. With such a large drain and fill ( about 40 %) and the possibility of another one if needed, I thought I should just wait till the CYA is lower before throwing anything else at it.

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