My Pool metals story and success (so far)


Feb 24, 2019
Rogers, Arkansas
I have been struggling with iron stains in my pool for a while. I don’t have well water just municipal. I assume I get iron from rain run off or maybe my coping has it? Not really sure yet.
I was serious this time about the AA treatment to remove stains. Got my pro team algaecide (which was awesome-my pool stayed clear and blue throughout the process). My FC got to 0.6 and my PH was 7.2 so I went for it. My pool is about 25k gallons and I ended up using 4.5-5 pounds of Ascorbic Acid. I had stains all over the bottom, sides and on the sun shelf.
After just a couple hours 80% of my stains were lifted. Looks amazing, see before and after pictures. I then put in 2 quarts of jacks magic the pink stuff to hold the metals in the water. The small amount of stains remaining I believe might be copper so I will test putting acid spray on it to see what happens. About a day later I started using bleach to get my FC levels to minimum (2.0 is min). It took about 2 days to get it up there, slowly, but the entire time my pool kept the beautiful clear blue color (and we had sunny 90 degree days). I can’t say enough about the pro team algaecide.
Overall I’m really happy about the success of this treatments. Weekly I will be adding a maintenance dosage of sequesterian to keep metals suspended. I’m going to test HTH Metal free product and Home Depot’s Pool time Surface solution to see if I can save money instead of forking over $25 bucks a quart on pink stuff. The data shows the ingredients are similar (I do know the Clorox metal free product is trash). Thanks for reading and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel with iron stains!