my pool is on the way...


Jul 9, 2010
southern indiana
I have spent enough reading to know.. I don't want the aqua smarte system...
I do want to use the BBB..
My pool is not at my home yet.

I have skimmed through a bunch of info...
For a newbie it can be just a tad overwhelming...

First question...
When I am filling my pool... what should I add?
Should I fill and test it first?

thank you


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hey, Mike,

Welcome to the forum. :lol: Yeah, you will want to test first before you do anything. The only two things I would buy in advance is maybe 2-3 large jugs of Clorox and some stabilizer.

Do you know how to use the pool calculator to figure out how much stabilzer you need?


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Feb 23, 2008
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Welcome to TFP!

I'm glad that you have been reading up since you will be ahead of the game for doing so. Have you looked into test kits? The TF-100 (link in my sig) is a great one.

Yes, you fill it up, start the pump, test the pH and correct it if needed, and then add chlorine and CYA. Just go from there.

Green Pea

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Jul 7, 2010

Like yourself, I am completely new to pools, this web site, and maintaining all these chemicals. Two weeks ago I filled our pool after swearing last year I would never try this again. Luckily I tripped over this web site while goggling some questions. My kids wanted the pool back up and I felt like I needed to try at least once more. I can tell you just as sure as I'm writing here today that's the best decision I've made all summer.

Over the past two weeks I have read just about everything imaginable here and I can tell you if you stick to what the members here are saying, in no time at all you will completely understand what is going on with your pool and how these elusive chemicals work together. Trust the BBB method. Right now my water is humming. It is clear as glass and my kids and wife are having a blast in it. So am I.

This is what I did. I had water delivered. The PH level was crazy high so I brought it down were it should be using Muriatic Acid. I then added enough 6% Chlorine to bring that level where it should be. My next step was to add stabilizer because I wanted to get the CYA level in check so I didn't have to keep adding allot of Chlorine. It took around one week for the CYA to settle in and hold my PH level steady. In the meantime, it rained a little and what not so my PH level dropped a bit. Last night I added Borax and brought the PH back to a nice 7.6 level. I then shocked the pool bringing the ppm level up to 12. Today it's total harmony.

Stay here, trust what your reading and own your pool. I will go back to the pool store, but that's because I want a bigger pool.


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Nov 5, 2008
Green Pea said:
Stay here, trust what your reading and own your pool. I will go back to the pool store, but that's because I want a bigger pool.
And pool toys, you still need pool toys.


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
If memory serves from watching my dad struggle with a 12' x 36" pool sometime in the 1970s.... you need to stock up on beer and bandaids. Hang around some dive bars beforhand if you need to expand your vocabulary a little bit. You don't want to run out of profanity! :rant:


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