My pool is green!


Dec 9, 2017
Kings mountain nc
My yard flooded into my pool 3 wks ago, I have vacuumed and backwashed numerous times. It has gone from muddy brown to cloudy green. I added 2 Lbs of shock 4 days ago and another 2Lbs yest. Still liiks about the same maybe a little better but still green/cloudy. Here are my chemistry readings: should I start by adding stabilizer to get my CYA to 30-50? I have never used the SLAM process so not sure what first step should be? slam/ more shock/ CYA level?
Thank you for your help.
Taylor K-2006c service complete FAS-DPD chlorine)kit used: ( I started with CL of 0 and Ph 7.3 before I added shock)Now I have:
PH 8
CCL 0.2
ALk 40
My pool company using there tester got this( not sure why CCL is different from my readings)
FCL 6.1
TCL 8.5
ALK 42
CCL 2.3
Salt 3400


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Jan 17, 2012
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All you need to perform the SLAM is Liquid chlorine and some CYA. You can buy liquid chlorine at Lowes/Home Depot and some pool stores will sell you "liquid shock" too. After putting 30ppm of CYA in your pool, you need to follow the directions for how to do a SLAM. This means taking your FC level up to your SLAM level (based on this chart-FC/CYA Chart.
Then you maintain that elevated FC level by continued testing and dosing at least 3-4 times per day.

The chlorine kills the algae and whatever may be growing in there, while your filter than helps remove it. So you need to keep an eye on your filter and backwash it when the gauge raises aprox 20% over your clean filter pressure.

It is not a once or twice dose of magical shock powder that the pool store will sell you....its the effort you give to keep your FC elevated with liquid chlorine as long as it takes for your filter to rid you of the dead debris.
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Dec 9, 2017
Kings mountain nc
Thanks so very much! Here's my stupid question: I have a Salt water pool, so on the FC/CYA chart do I want my CYA starting at 60-80 instead of 30? and I want my FC to be 24 during the SLAMming process? Just trying to get it straight.
Thanks for your time and expertise!


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May 3, 2014
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While you are in the SLAM process you are not using your SWCG. So follow the non-SWCG chart. Raise your CYA to 30 ppm and FC to 12 ppm and maintain. Once you complete the SLAM process and you will be using the SWCG, then you raise your CYA to 70 ppm or so and follow the SWCG chart for FC.