My Opening Numbers


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May 24, 2007
Staten Island NY
Hi everyone! Just reopened my pool two days ago (don't ask) and tested the water with my new and cool TFTestkit (Thank you Dave!). Below are my numbers:

FC = 2 PPM
CC = 0
TC = Yup you guessed it! 2
PH 7.2 - 7.5 (Got too dark for me to definitively tell)
TA = 70
CH = 20 (Vinyl pool therefore probably not an issue however I'm having fun pretending to be a chemist!)
CYA < 20
Temp = 72
BR ~ 5

I also used the cheapie test strips and got the following:
FC = .5
PH = 6.2
TA = 40
CYA = 0

Goes to show you a good test kit is invaluable! :-D

Obviously the CYA needs to be increased.
1- Does anyone have any suggestions on how much I should use of whatever product?
2- Is there any numbers here raising any concerns other than the CYA?
3- When should I being testing the water? I did it last night after adding chemicals in the morning. Should I be testing before or after adding chemicals and how long before or after?

Any input would be appreciated!



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May 7, 2007
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I would add 2 lbs of stabilizer, wait a week, and see where that gets you on the CYA.

All your other numbers look pretty good.

You can test morning or evening. Evening is better since you can get your FC level right for overnight, but morning usually works. However, with low CYA you will want to test in the evening for sure. Sunlight will tend to wipe out your chlorine. Always test before adding checmicals.

How long to wait after adding chemicals varies depending on how good your circulation is and which chemical you added. CYA takes a very long time to disolve, muriatic acid mixes very quickly, others are in between. You don't generally need to test after adding chemicals, not before the next day anyway, unless something special is happening. I would wait one to four hours after adding something before testing if I really needed the number.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Just chiming in to say "ditto" to every word Jason posted and to say "Thanks!" for saying nice things about the kit.

The darn thing really is pretty valuable, isn't it? The "pretending to be a chemist" thing has not yet worn off for me.....five seasons, now!! :lol: :lol: