My OCLT Results


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May 26, 2012
Indianapolis, IN
Hi guys,

this post is a continuation from this thread: fighting-with-my-cc-t46234.html

In the middle of me trying to tweak my pool chemistry last week, my appendix decided to burst. I was in the hospital a couple days and couldn't tend to the pool, so now I'm back again.

After I got out of the hospital here's how the pool read:

FC - 0
pH - 7.6
TA - 150
CH - 250
CYA - 80

*Water crystal clear and blue.

I added bleach ASAP, then did the OCLT last night. Before bed the FC was 9 and the CC was .5... This morning the FC was 7.5 and the CC was still .5 :(

Let me guess, continue shocking? :)



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Sep 21, 2009
Greentown, IN
Ouch... sorry to hear about the appendix. No fun!

Like Bama said, "Yep" to the continued shocking. The fortunate thing is that your water is still clear and it shouldn't take long. Could've been worse!


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May 26, 2012
Indianapolis, IN
Okay I think I might be there!

After shocking last night, this morning was FC - 12.5 , CC - ZERO!!.. I noticed the CC test did turn a very slight pink a few minutes after I tested, but I think that was just from it sitting.

So am I ready to just add my daily bleach (1 quart) and enjoy a "trouble free pool" ???? :)