My new pool fountain...


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Jul 22, 2011
I am a big advocate of evaporative cooling. I have used a fountain for the last couple years to keep my intex from being a hot tub. So with the new pool, I decided to make some changes and install it "with options"... :D

I have plans to design an interchangeable waterfall that can just be screwed onto the union ends. I also plan to add another union on very bottom after the black ball valve to make it to where the entire assembly can be removed IF desired. Soooo... excuse my mess, but enjoy the video! :D


PS... definitely have to pay more attention to PH with using a fountain, as it went up .2 overnight... eeeek :shock:


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Apr 16, 2007
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That's a nice fountain.

I see you have the pool buried. Is it buried the whole way around? What made you bury it? I have a Venture in the garage. I'm not burying mine though. I thought I read it voids the warrenty.


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Mar 1, 2012
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I've got 19,000 gallons, and I'm getting some serious temp reductions using heads from garden wand waterers. I'm talking 8 degree drop in 4 hours. The difference is the water droplet size. Yours is set up great, and with the unions you can make all kinds of experimental ends to put on it.


You'll notice mine makes less noise, but spreads the water over more area. You may not like the rain effect over all of your pool. Especially as the "rain" for mine is about 10 degrees colder than the pool water.
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