My New Hayword Pool Vac Ultra


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Jun 23, 2010
I have several Hayword Pool Vac. I recently bought a new one when the gears on my old unit froze up. Now new one has froze up as well. Water has been checked, pressure is good but unit turbines disingrate in stort time. Hayword reps says DE filter problem is causing unit to freeze up. Can this be true or is new unit a problem? I never heard of DE leaking into pool causing vacuum problem
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Jul 10, 2009
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I don't know why DE would be any more of a problem than any other dirt that made its way into the pool. Also, if the Hayword rep knows this is a problem, is there no warning label that this unit is not compatible with pools equipped with DE filters?

Is there currently a problem with your DE filter? You would see DE spewing out the return with the water when you turn the pump on, or a little pile of DE under the return jet if DE was getting into the pool.

Can you post a full set of recent test results? Maybe something is going on with your water that is contributing to the problem.

Hopefully the place you bought it from will take it back, it sounds like a manufacturing issue to me.
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