My Iron stain removal story


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Mar 21, 2016
Atlanta Ga
First they had to acid wash my pool after 8 months to get the topcoat off and while it was drained we have a few days of heavy rain.I believe the Iron came form the new stone coping and stained the sides and bottom. It looked horrible.

I have don't a few Vit C treatments and every time it seemed to help but never really looked the way it should so this time I got serious and followed the method on TFP
I bought 10 pds Ascorbic Acid, 2 bottles of metal out, 2 boxes of washing soda to raise PH back and Calpo shock ( couldn't find any liquid )

First I removed my cartridge filters.
Then I let my FC drop to around 2 and my PH to 7.2 and added 2.5 pds..Helped some but after 45 minutes added the rest of the 5pd bag and waited an hour..Maybe 1/2 was gone but still looked bad so decided I was adding the hole 10 pds and if I had to buy 20 gallons of bleach I would :)
After 45 minutes it was starting to look a lot better..I left it that way and ran the pump overnight.

The next day I put filters back in and a full bag of jacks filter fiber and 2 bottles of metal out. The brought PH up to 7.2..
He mentioned in the post to bring Chlorine up slow so I added a bag of shocked and was surprised to see it didn't eat up my FC like before.
Still don't understand that part!

2 days later the water is back in balance and the pool is looking better every day!!

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