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Oct 6, 2009
So last week, due to the very high chlorine demand from my pool, with the advice from others on this forum, we were starting to suspect an algae outbreak (although it was not visible). So I went ahead and shocked the pool and after that it appears to be holding chlroine levels nicely.

I had to go away on business this week, and just got back today (of course I went to look at the condition of the pool before even saying hello to the dog!!). While away I had my roommate directed to add two 3-qt bottles of bleach each day and on Wednesday add a full 1.42 gal bottle of bleach (just to be sure I was getting CL high enough).

I did a full range of tests and am pleasantly surprised that my chlorine is right on the money!! With a CYA level of 60 lately, I've been targeting 7 as my FC level.

So here are the results of today's testing and like to see anyone else's input.

Tested 8/13/10 @ 12:30pm
Temp 80 degrees
FC = 7.5
CC = 0 (amazing considering I found about half a dozen dead frogs in the skimmers!!)
TC = 7.5
pH = 7.8 (my pH has always held steady around 7.5-7.6, but this is a concerning jump for me)
TA = 60 (this has definitely gone down - typically runs around 80)
CH = 200
CYA = 50 (I guess I've finally lost some CYA due to splashout and top-offs)

Looks like I need to get TA up a bit and pH down. I know there is a relationship there, but I always get that confused when I read about it on this forum.

Any thoughts on what I should be doing?

Otherwise the pool looks great!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Tim,

Looks to me like you've done a nice job of managing your pool........that's what BBB is all about.

I would suggest these two minor steps....done one right after another.

1. Raise your TA up to 80-100 or so by using baking soda....determine the dosage using the pool calc

2. Drop your pH down to around 7.4 using muriatic acid.....again use the Pool Calc to determine dosage.

That's it!.....Keep swimming and enjoy your pool!! :lol:


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Oct 6, 2009
Thanks Dave. Yes, I was actually quite pleased with my calculation to know enough that if I just told my replacement to add X amount of bleach each day, that it would be just right....and it was!!

Thanks for your response on what to add. It just reconfirmed my understanding of actions to take. What I wasn't sure about though was whether these 2 items could be done right after each other or not. I know when I increased both TA and CH a little while back, I was told to wait at least 24 hrs in between each step.

Weekend guests are on their way, even as I yes, I'm definitely enjoying the pool! :)

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