My battle with white flakes from my SWG continues


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May 12, 2012
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I know- there are lots of threads on this. I just took out my spacer cell and put my SWG back in a little over a week ago and I am already getting lots of white flakes. Can somebody point out whats wrong with my numbers here? According to my calculations, my CSI is just slightly positive (0.1), so I dont know why I'm having such a problem. I plan on lowering my TA a little bit to adjust the CSI down, but do you think that will help? I have an acid feeder so my Ph doesn't move a lot. I don't have any borates in the pool.

One note- I think my CH regents might be bad- the R-0011L was very thick and took a while to mix in even with speed stir. That said, the number is about what I was expecting. I've ordered a bunch of new regents now so I will repeat once I get them.

Ph: 7.5
FC: 5.5
CC: 0
TA: 70
CH: 575
CYA: 50
Salt: 3000

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Oh, my pool temperature is in the upper 60's to lower 70s.
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May 7, 2007
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Your CH level is very high, so white flakes from the SWG is fairly common. You can eliminate the white flakes by adding borates or by lowering your CSI to around -0.3. Borates will help buffer conditions inside the SWG (where CSI is way higher) which should prevent the white flakes.

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Mar 28, 2007
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Thanks for following up and updating us. It's always nice to know that the chemistry is vindicated by real-world results. It was just a theoretical benefit until we've seen cases such as yours actually benefit from it.