My 2nd pool Build... Quote What do you think?


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Nov 13, 2013
Pearland, TX
Let me know what ya'll think of the pool quote below Likes, dislikes anything I should add? We like the builder and quote as they are willing to take care of everything landscaping and sprinklers. . I will be requesting to add another light. Backyard is limited in space long, but not very wide and sprinkler system will need to be relocated. I will be inquiring about plug in robot cleaner and Pebble tech vs. wanna be pebble tech finish.

Total Co$t is below. I'm in Houston Texas

Here is a link to renderings/design. POOL DESIGN

Proposal Outline:
• construct: (1) gunite swimming pool with no spa consisting of travertine coping, glass
water line tiles, stones capes mini pebbles plaster, two sets of steps entering the pool,
one swim shelf with three bubblers. Pool dimension are 14x31 with a depth of 3ft at the
sides to 6ft center with 11,737 gallons. Pool tile & plaster color to be chosen by the
client. Suggested colors were depicted in the rendering with Nordic silver travertine
coping, watercolors AIMG W82348B9 water line tile, and Tahoe Blue mini pebbles
• Pool equipment will include Pentair products: 2- 2HP wisher flow pumps, (1) master temp
400k, (1) filter: 420 cartridge, (2) skimmers, (1) LED multicolor pool light, (1) blower 1.5
HP, (1) EZ touch System 4, (5) returns for pool
• all damaged sod areas will be replaced after pool construction. St Augustine sod will be
laid at a rate of 4 pallets with a 1-2” depth of enriched top soil to ensure a healthy
• all irrigation for the backyard will be reconfigured based on the pool layout and new
• landscape design depicted in the renderings
• install a new landscape design as depicted in the renderings
• all planting areas will consist of premium bed mix made up of fresh soil, compost,
fertilizer, and mulch clippings. We will use 12 yards of bed mix to create a 2-3” depth for
healthy development of all plants
• all planting areas will have a double layer stacked stone border as depicted in the houzz
idea book
• the following plants and ornamental trees will be used throughout the design: (5) olive
tree 30g, (12) Texas sage 3g, (8) foxtail ferns 3g, (10) dianella flax lily, (6) japanese yews
30g, (4) dipladenia, 3 flats of potato vine
• Premium shredded black mulch will be used throughout the garden beds as a top
dressing at a rate of 5 yards to achieve a 1-2” depth
• add (18) leuders around the perimeter of the pool with black star gravel inlays. We will
install a commercial grade weed barrier prior to installing the gravel and apply 6 yards of
black star gravel to achieve a 2-3” depth around the perimeter of the pool
• we will purchase (2) steel planters and (1) wood burning fire pit as depicted in the Houzz
idea book
• we will apply for all necessary permitting with City ordinances as well as assist in getting
HOA approval
• Warranty info for pool construction: pool shelf-lifetime warranty, equipment-2years,
plaster from manufacturer (stonescapes) 10 years, Labor-1 year which only covers cracks
or peeling off materials
• all trash will be hauled off upon completion
• estimated project time 7-10 weeks/weather permitting

Pool Design & Construction $46,000.00
Landscape Design & Construction with Irrigation adjustments $13,894.00
Sales Tax 8.25% N/A
Total $59,894.00