MX-8 Help

Mar 20, 2016
Albuquerque, NM
I need help for the optimal setting for each of the pictured valves. Last year, my valves were set according to the picture for filtering and I ran my pump at 2000 RPM.
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For cleaning, I had to close the main drain and increase my pump to 3250 RPM so that my MX-8 had the optimal flow.

I was hoping to be able to reduce the RPM setting on my pump for cleaning and filtering and have one setting for my valves. My questions are:

  • Can the MX-8 run on a low RPM setting
  • Does the main drain need to be opened for cleaning and filtering



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Jun 3, 2015
Sorry you haven't yet received a reply to your questions.

Here is a friendly bump to try to get this thread some attention.

Thanks for posting.