Mustard Algae Question


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Jan 11, 2011
Northern Illinois
Last year I had a terrible time with algae and didn't realize until the end of the season that it was probably mustard algae. I would regular shock our pool with bleach, and a week later it would be green again. I never really got rid of it. My question is, do I need to worry about it this Spring? Should I "super shock" the pool upon opening it? Do I need to wash all the equipment/toys with bleach water now? Does mustard algae die during the winter/storage? Thanks in advance!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Mustard algae is not the bullet proof villain it is often portrayed. Chlorine will kill it, it simply takes a bit more to insure you eradicate it.

If your pool turned green, that because you let the chlorine get too low again. You will HAVE to keep adequate chlorine levels all summer to prevent it's return.

read "How to Shock Your Pool" up in Pool School. Use the mustard algae values if you like but more important is you cannot let your FC go below the guides we suggest.

Giving us test results to comment on is really the first step in getting really accurate advice.
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