Muriatic acid cost?


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
I think the pool store around here has the 31% strength for about $12 for 2 gallons.
There is another store that sells it in bulk (4 1 gallon jugs) for cheaper than that, I think about $20.


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Sep 19, 2016
Just went through this last week...Our local Home Depot only has the "Green" version, which is around 20%. Our local Lowes has the Green (20%) and the regular (31%), the latter was about $8/gallon. Menards has both as well, and their 31% was $6/gallon, however they were sold out (and why I ended up at Lowes).


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May 11, 2016
Troy IL
3.99/gallon at Rural King is the cheapest I've found. Second cheapest is 4.99 at Menards. Lowes and Home Depot near me only carry that green half strength stuff, which I don't personally care for.


Jun 15, 2015
Las Vegas,NV
In the Southwest markets Lowe's and Home Depot only carry 14.5%. When they switched from 29% to 14.5% they never lowered the price. They continued to sell the half concentration at the same price as before. I get my 29% or 31% at Leslie's.


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Oct 25, 2015
In Florida I get it at Home Depot a little over $11 for 2 gallons. I'm using less these days after implementing some recommendations from others here such as letting my TA drop to 50 and holding the pH around 7.7. I use about 12 oz twice per week now.


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Aug 29, 2016
Land O Lakes, FL
This is the one item that is cheaper for me at the Pool $tore. I live in FL and use one of the chain stores (Pi*ch A Pen*y).
I pay about $5.00 per gallon. Lowes is about $.50 more per gallon.