Muriatic acid amounts?


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May 18, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta
Hello all! I hope like me we're all having a troublefree start to the pool season! I'm super happy with the SWG and how low maintenance this little pool has become. So low maintenance that I feel like I can try my luck at "dialling it right in".

My ph is consistently on the high side but not terribly high. In three drops I can get it solidly in the 7.2/7.4 zone. I'm having conflicting 'add' suggestions though. Pool Math says to add like .7oz of MA to bring it down but the booklet that came with the test kit says for three drops in a 1,000gal pool I should be adding 2.75oz. Our pool is 2200 gal so I presume I should be adding just over three oz (according to the booklet). But this is quite different from the App suggestion. Any words of wisdom? Do I remember correctly that in a salt water pool the ph to strive for is different than normal as well?


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May 3, 2014
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If your pH in the 7's, no need to mess with it.

In Poolmath, you need to have your TA test results input to give you an accurate amount of acid to use to adjust pH.
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