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Aug 4, 2021
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Hi everyone, I searched and could not find the answer I'm looking for so any help is appreciated.

I have a Pentair Quad DE 60 filter. I recently installed a superflo VST, and a Intellichlor60. My MPV has been sticky and leaky for the past year, so while they were replacing these parts I had the pool company replace the MPV with the same model number as my old one. Now, the old one had a few numbers on it (so does the new one). The old one was labeled as a Pentair Assembly Model SM2-PP3, Valve Model SM-20-3. The new MPV has those same two numbers but then also NSF-50, but it also has "SAND FILTER ONLY" slapped all over it. My old MPV had "Sand or Cartridge DE only". Am I wrong to assume that since the valve and valve assembly are the same, the MPV is compatible with my filter?

The pool is functioning, all aspects of the MPV function, and I've seen the model numbers advertised online for both DE and Sand. HOWEVER, this product is no longer manufactured by Pentair, and is now Praher. Do I need to call my pool tech and have them replace this MPV with one that is designed for my filter, or I am overreacting since everything is functioning and the older versions were meant for both DE and sand?

Thanks a bunch!


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May 23, 2015
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Does the sticker say PENTAIR P/N 261055 anywhere? That is the correct backwash valve part number for a QuadDE.


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Aug 4, 2021
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The Pentair valve is made by Praher for Pentair.

The Quad DE takes the same multiport as a Triton sand filter.

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Praher Plastics Canada Ltd.
101 Saunders Rd. Barrie, ON, Canada L4N 9A7
Ok, so although it says sandfilter only, its ok to be used with the Quad DE 60? Again, everything is working as expected. Just overly concerned.
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