Multiport & squirrels

Jun 15, 2008
Anyone ever have squirrels chew thru the plastic of their multiport? My home warranty ins will not pay for repair because they say it was not "normal wear and tear". It still works but the plastic got chewed around the seal and when I backwash or rinse there's some water spurting out. Can I seal it somehow with some type of sealant or caulk? I don't want to put out the money right now to have it replaced because I am going to need to have other pool expenses soon. It does not leak when I am running the filter.


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Mar 29, 2007
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While I am meticulous on fixing suction or return leaks, the ones that happen when wasting or backwashing, I don't even worry about :shock: - let's face it, this is water you don't want in the pool and are sending out of the pool -- It's water you no longer want and if it drips on the equipment pad, who cares. If the backwash line was loosing water while you were running the pool it would be another issue.