Multi port cracked


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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
Hey everyone, my multi port Hayward valve cracked. I was lucky enough to have kept my old one and re pieced it all together. Also was smart enough to keep a spare spider gasket on hand. This is why have I keep spare parts on hand when you are no where near a Pool store that carries these things. I hate re plumbing everything but had those extra pieces in hand as well. I really don't have an issue but wanted to post some suggestions of keeping spare parts around. Stuff breaks on Sunday's I guess. I also shot a before and after photo. Can't really tell . I then went online and ordered a backup. I was able to find one for $125 bucks which is a good buy. Hope this helps those who have trouble thinking that they can't figure it out. Using a cell phone and taking a video while you take it a part can go a long way as another suggestion. Happy swims to all!


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