Mulitport valve question, and one other query regarding winterization.


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Feb 1, 2014
Hello All,

I opened up my Pentair 27-2101 multiport valve this morning (connected to a Pentair DE filter), to work on an issue where the valve was leaking from the handle area. The handle was also much looser than the last time I recall backwashing.

So...opened everything up, and the wagon wheel gasket looked fine. (it did get black residue on my finger when touched, but was in good shape, no cracks/tears, etc) I did not replace it, as Pentair does glue them in, and it's not on the handle side, making it more than trivial to scrape it all out, etc. Just lubed it up.

I had also ordered a new spring for the assembly, so I went ahead and took everything apart, replaced the spring, lubed everything up with Magic Lube, and reassembled.

Now, it's been three hours, and the leak from the handle area is indeed fixed. (phew!) But, the handle still seems very flimsy still until turned. It does seem to turn smoother now.

From what I could see, the spring is the only thing influencing the handle "tightness". Not overly concerned, as it turns fine, just wondering if anyone else knows what could be causing that?

Completely unrelated question. I bought my house, with the 11,000 gallon pool already installed, just about a year ago. I have the original installation docs, instructions, etc, but no where does this talk about any winterization.

I live in Central Texas, where it was a balmy 76 degrees yesterday (12/15), and I'm not sure about the need to shut anything down. I've just been going with leaving everything as is, keeping the chlorine levels good, and backwashing every once in awhile, etc.

Should I be doing anything else for the winter?

Thanks for any assistance, and the awesome site! It's already saved me tons!



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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! As long as your water temp stays above freezing and the air temp only dips to freezing for a couple of hours overnight your pool should be fine. Just run the pump when temperatures are expected to be below freezing. If we get one of those super Arctic Express cold fronts that drop the temps below freezing for days instead of hours then you may need to drain some water, but I don't think we are expecting to see anything like that this winter.