Moving Splash Superpool???????


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May 22, 2012

We are buying a Splash Superpool and moving it to our home.... The manual doesn't give any information on this and we're clueless!!! The pool is 21' x 13' x 4', above ground.

Pump/Filter Info:
PRC-75 SuperPak Cartridge System
• Sta-Rite 75 square foot modular media cartridge filter
• Sta-Rite 1.0 HP high-flow performance pump
• Large capacity trap and an all-weather, smooth-running motor
• Cartridge filter hold more dirt than other filters of equal size
• Posi-Lok™locking ring provides safe, fast access for maintenance of filter

Thanks in advance!!! :-D


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Jul 30, 2010
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Are you taking it down? If you are, take good notes of how it comes apart so you can put it back together. Typically installation includes leveling the site you plan to put the pool to less than 1"(lowest side to highest side), and to do that you dig down to the lowest point with undisturbed soil (do not build up always dig down).