Mortar Mud For Pool tile Line


Sep 14, 2020
Cave creek, az
What brand do you recommend? Building a new pool and about to install my water line tile but need the mortar mud to flatten out the inconsistencies in the shotcrete?

I've looked at Laticrete 3701 Fortified Mortar but NPT doesnt carry it and cant find it anywhere else. Any suggestions for other brands? Also can I just get away with using Laticrete Thinset 254 instead? I have seen others on this form use that as the base. Then waterproof over it and install the tile?


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
You can make your own but it is a process :)

This is what I am doing

1. AQURON CPSP this is sprayed on the shell to waterproof
2. Mud Bed Nominal Thickness - Walls 3/4” *** 3:1 Site Mix (by volume) – 3 parts ASTM C-144 sand to 1 part ASTM C-150 portland cement mixed with water and Anti-hydro cement-mortar additive.
3. waterproof layer MiraFlex Membrane C
4. Tile mortar/adhesive I am still debating using Mapei Granirapid system but Laticrete 254 platinum is used the most...
5 I am making my own grout, mix 3 parts portland to 1 90-100 mesh sand with 15 to 1 Anti-hydro cement-mortar additive.

Below is a document that you can choose what product you want to install with :)


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA
When I redid my waterline tile I was going to use Granirapid, but was disuaded by the cost. With Mapei's guidance I chose one of their rapid setting thinsets. Think it was like a 3 day wait before filling the pool. I dont know how inconsistant your shotcerete is but the thinset can smooth some of that out. You could also do a base skim coat.