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Jan 24, 2017
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I wanted to read back some notes i made on my configuration page and they are several lines. When i put the cursor on the notes field i need to leave the finger pressed to scroll the note field. Can it be made as self adjusting the notes window, as to show the full content?
When you want to slam and slide the bar as to activate the slam levels then you go to Add suggested amount. Can this addition be a Mark on pool results as to know that you are in a SLAM mode. Maybe a colored border of test results in the logs or a separate button to activate this color border? This would be helpful in following other peoples test results if they are sharing. Im in slam mode right now if you view my results you only see high levels of FC and can only guess im in slam mode. Also for summary info a SLAM summary.


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Jul 21, 2013
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I think it is petty obvious by the sequence of testing and FC level if a SLAM is going on. And you a e assuming that people will turn on the slider when doing the SLAM Process.

I think there are much more functional improvements that can be made to PM with the available resources.
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